Building Your Custom Home

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Our experience building our home with Daas was a great experience from start to finish. They made it stress free and they were there to help us every step of the way.  With their attention to detail and quality of workmanship, we knew we made the right choice building with Daas. The whole experience left us dreaming up out next build!

- Brett and Tanya

DAAS was very particular in hiring the contractors who worked for them, and it showed.  The contractors themselves even told me in passing, that they really loved working for DAAS, and in return I saw that they did an exceptional job.  The difference between DAAS, and other builders who I have encountered over my years, is their people!  After spending many months together through the process of building a home; I trusted them hands down, they were very fair, and I saw the many hours they spent making sure everything was just so.  There were things I would have never even noticed, and if they weren’t happy with how something turned out, there they were making it right.  I became so comfortable with these people, they were like friends; they went out of their way to look after any concern we could have ever had, no matter how big or small, and they cared to make your home exactly how you wanted it to be.  A big shout out to the Project Manager for DAAS, who went above and beyond to make our home what it is, and helped out with any tough decisions we were struggling to make.  DAAS can build me a home any day!

- Heather Stark

This letter is in reference to a testimonial request from DAAS Builders, our contractor for our recently purchased home in the Chartwell Live Well Community.  We negotiated with Dave Reinheller the owner and dealt with Cathie Catalano the Realtor with our purchase. We have known and dealt with them in other circumstances over the past 30 years and consider them knowledgeable, honest and fair individuals. 
Aliesha and Nathan Bensler are the Management and Operations team that homeowners deal with directly after the initial purchase through to possession of the property.  From our personal experience they made this journey a simple process.  Aliesha organized everything, and was very helpful in providing assistance from start to finish.  Nathan is there to make sure everything operates as Aliesha dictates.  They  have dedicated and qualified sub trades that were very conscientious at their jobs.
We have dealt with 4 other contractors in building new homes prior to this move and DAAS CONSTRUCTION has far exceeded our expectations.  We would highly recommend anyone looking to build a new home to consider this company.

- Mickey & Sharon Todd