Building Your Custom Home

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The DAAS Advantage

At DAAS we are a mixture of passion and experience.

Passion makes you do things differently. When you have passion you have a focus. You are not focused as much on money or time. Our passion is creating and refining designs to give customers at all price ranges something unique. To let them experience what it’s like to create something that’s one of a kind, based on their ideas. When you have passion, you stop at nothing until you have made the real world match what is in your head. We are the opposite of cookie cutter. We have spent countless hours designing and building unique ideas that may only get built once in a lifetime. Passion makes you dig in when what you are trying to achieve proves to be more difficult than what you anticipated. Most people would say that we are home builders. We prefer to think of ourselves as “home Creators.” Creating something that is unique, functional and beautiful is integral in our process of home building.

Experience constructively channels passion. It is the voice of reason. It sets the expectation at an achievable level. It knows when to suggest an alternative. It is a pool of ideas. It is a toolbox of tools used to build new solutions. It is a calming salve when unexpected situations occur. It says, “It’s okay, we can handle it. We have successfully dealt with situations like this before.” It safely delivers and frees passion.

The results of the passion/experience combination are a win/win situation for everybody. Customers who see their home brought into reality from only a vision, experience a level of satisfaction that simply buying a house cannot provide. Having the customer truly involved in the creation of their home also gives a sense of pride when they can point to something and say, “I did that,” or “That was my idea.”  The win for Daas is that we get to create alongside you, the customer, and that is our passion. That’s why we value each customer. It is through you, that our passion for creating is unlocked.

Unlock your passion. Build with Daas.