Building Your Custom Home

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6 Steps to Home Building

  1. Plan your Budget
    It is very important to know what you can do financially.  This way you, the home buyer and the potential home builder will both be working toward the same goal right from the start.
  2. Line up Your Team
    Find a team with experience and passion that will work for you, and alongside you, from start to finish.  Ask around. A builder’s reputation is a good indicator of what to expect.
  3. Choose a Lot
    If you do not already have a lot selected, the right team will be able to advise you using their experience and knowledge. Helping you find a lot that meets your budget, location, and space criteria.
  4. Pick a Plan and Make your wish list
    Working with the size and shape of your lot, your team will be able to tailor your chosen plan to your needs and advise you on your wish list.
  5. Negotiate a Contract
    Your dream is coming closer to reality! Your team will price everything out.  Adjustments can now be made to reduce overall price or perhaps to add in a few more items from your wish list.  Once you are happy with the package, a contract will be signed, and a down payment will be processed to proceed forward. Down payment is a percentage of contract price.
  6. Your Dream becomes a Reality!
    Timelines for a custom home can range between 4-8 months dependant on season and/or home size. Be available to answer a few detail related questions as construction progresses. Don’t be afraid to check in to see how your team is doing.